Red Rover is a communications planning shop.

We partner with businesses and in-house marketing teams to analyze brands’ consumers, identify the most promising audiences, and create plans that engage each audience and encourage further measurable action.

We believe the medium is a critical part of the message and work closely with your creative team to maximize each connection with your audience. Or, we can find a creative partner for you.

We’re guided by consumer insights, a passion for the changing world, and expertise in both digital and traditional media gained while working with brands such as Kellogg’s, Axe, Allstate, Dell, Union Pacific, E!, Pepsi, and more.

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Red Rover Areas of Expertise


We find audiences wherever they are. How? With behavioral, contextual, and geo-targeted display advertising. With paid search advertising driving to tailored landing pages. With strategically placed custom content. We engage on the page with rich media, measure performance with web analytics, and optimize campaigns and websites. Ultimately, Red Rover finds solutions for each brand’s challenges.

Clients and strategic partners include Sergeant’s Pet Care, Nelnet, Kenexa, Nebraska’s Home Improvement Center, OBI Creative, Thought District, and more.


“Facebook” is not a social media strategy. It’s a tactic — one part of a social media strategy, which is one part of the marketing strategy. Effective social media plans require a clear business goal, a desired and measurable action, a commitment to creating, monitoring, and interacting with content and an understanding of each channel’s purpose. Red Rover develops and implements social media strategies and campaigns that meet your brand’s specific objectives.

Clients and strategic partners include the University of Nebraska, RehabVisions, Cariant Health Partners, Lancaster County Human Services, The New BLK, and more.


The 30-second spot isn’t dead. But it’s not as important or effective as it once was. Connecting with the modern consumer requires that we think about broadcast, print and outdoor media in new ways. How can the medium enhance the message? How can traditional media enhance digital media, and vice versa? Rooted in extensive experience, Red Rover is eager to help brands answer these questions.

Clients and strategic partners include Thought District, GoodTwin, Nebraska’s Home Improvement Center, and more.