Connecting brands with the modern consumer.

Modern consumers have more control, more influence, and more media options than ever before. This could be intimidating, but to us, it’s fun.

We listen to you. We research your audiences. And we help you understand and identify the best opportunities to connect with your elusive, empowered, modern consumers, through digital, social, and traditional media.

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We develop online and mobile ad campaigns that drive your audiences to act.


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We listen, learn, and create content your consumers care about.


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We integrate print, broadcast, and other traditional media with new media to amplify your message.

“Valerie was able to take our Social Network efforts from a simple seed to a garden full of flowers! We are going full throttle with our campaign and owe it ALL to her expertise and direction.”

Tricia Pofahl, RehabVisions

“Valerie and I worked on developing a rich media campaign for one of her first clients at Red Rover. During the process, I recognized her ability to design a cohesive digital strategy and executional management were second to none. If you are looking to hire a consultant in the digital/social media space I would highly recommend seeking out Valerie’s services. She’s an expert in the field, personable and she drives results.”

Michael Wade, Sales Director, PointRoll

“Valerie has way too much fun on the job. She’s always laughing, making quips, bringing out the best in her coworkers through that infectious enthusiasm of hers, and making work feel like a place where you’d want to hang out even if you didn’t have to. What’s your game, Jones? I mean, she works tirelessly, always does her homework, comes prepared to every meeting, and brings great thinking, insightful ideas and a critical eye to everything she touches. What’s so fun about that?”

Eric Gautschi, Principal/Creative Director, The New BLK

“Valerie has a very good understanding of what’s happening in the world of advertising and communications. She’s smart, outgoing, a strong strategic thinker and isn’t afraid to form and share an opinion. She enjoys being challenged and will thrive in an environment that is progressive and looking for new ideas.”

Brian Boesche, ECD/Partner, Swanson Russell

“Valerie is wicked smart. She’ll come at a challenge from a lot of different angles and resists the tired, generic solution. That’s because she gets fired up by creativity and ingenuity. Be warned. If boring is what you’re looking for, Valerie will not be a good fit.”

Dan Buczaczer, Co-Founder, Managing Director at Denuo

“Valerie represents an effective blend of seasoned media planner with digital experience and a strategist. Valerie was always pushing the account teams and clients to explore “what else” should be considered. I highly recommend Valerie. She will make a valuable addition to any organization.”

Mike Murray, VP-Director of Digital Solutions, Bailey Lauerman